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The company manages our financial communication since 1999 and our website has since been rewarded three time.

The reform of our multilingual reform of our system and its 350 optimized SEO “mini-websites” boosted our visibility.

100% online membership and Application adherents allowed us to win twice the Prix de l’Innovation Mutualiste.

Some references

Digital strategy

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From cross-canal to cross-devices, including bots or the empowerment of the ambassadors (Advocacy), the numeric world is constantly moving and expanding. Moreover, the challenging world we are living in is getting more and more complex with the automation of several devices and processes, as artificial intelligence (AI) and the virtual reality (VR)… Efficience Digitale is able to regroup and to gather high performance resources to recommend and manage smart strategies, that can be evaluated thanks to web analytics. This strategies can also be adjusted in real time.

Plan management

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Websites (on computers, tablets and smartphones), e-learning platforms, emailing, etc, Efficience Digitale creates user-centric devices that adapts to its customers. It can take a proactive approach (thanks to auditing and benchmark) or intervene downstream thanks to high facilities management performance and third party preventive maintenance, remedial or evolving. Would you wish to boost your digital recognition? Efficience Digitale can also take care of your content strategy management or your AdWords campaign, Facebook ads, display and affiliation.

Digital Transformation

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To fit with changes and stay competitive, the companies must form its managers and teams too new digital and working environment by promoting a participating culture (design thinking). Thanks to its 25 years of transformation, Efficience Digitale knows how to share its experience in this field thanks to the awareness, the understanding and the ownership of these changes by its customers.


Club Med, Veolia, Total, GrDF, Le Sénat, Ministère de l'équipement, Ministère de l'éducation nationale, Larousse, SNCF, Caisse d'épargne, BNP Paribas, Caisse des dépôts, Chambre de Commerce et de l'Industrie, Biocoop, nombreuses mutuelles fonctionnaires, Klesia, ANRU, Anah, Anil, Fondation Lilian Thuram, Cartooning for Peace, Reforest Action... Efficience Digitale is very proud of its prestigious customers and their loyalty.


1995 : Prix Equip’hôtel (Gaz de France)
1998 : Prix festival Ciné-Santé (MGEN)
1999 : Clic d’argent site finance (Vivendi)
2003 et 2006 : Prix salon actionnnariat (Veolia)
2010 : Best information blog for Cartooning for Peace (Jean PLantu)
2012 : Prix de l’innovation mutualiste (Adhésion 100% en ligne MCDef)
2013 : Best mobile application (MCDef)
2015 : Best finance website Valeurs Actuelles (Veolia)


Development of Customer Loyalty and Innovation

You cannot stop “Efficiency”


Efficience Digitale grew up as its name indicates it, in and with the digital world. The agency multiplied experiences and built its expertise based on a human dimension.

The development of customer loyalty with prestigious clients, shows how reliable our model which includes engagement and responsibility is.

The perpetual acquisition of new projects shows our capacity and our will to keep going on the road of transformation and changes to adapt and answer to new issues, in a transforming area which is getting more and more complex.

R&D, Innovation and


Since 2013, Efficience Digitale invests in R&D projects to feed its own expertise and also to achieve the most ambitious ones.

In 2015, the agency became the biggest shareholder of the holding and its subsidiaries linked with the business of wine and alcohol in Switzerland, Germany and France.

In 2017, Efficience Digitale has teamed with an editor to launch the application Linkbook, which ambition is to promote reading and defend the printed book sector.

The Values of Efficience Digitale


The technological competition is not a barrier for the one that can tame and master it.


All the constraints encountered shows the importance of a successful and productive collaboration.


Indeed present in our intern relations, solidarity also has a very important place in our extern relations, with our clients and our partners.

Key Dates of the Agency

Pioneer in the digital world, Efficience Digitale is the oldest digital agency that stills exist today. Thanks to the philosophy of surpassing oneself and a perpetual renewal. For nearly twenty-five years, the agency had to overcome many obstacles and succeed.

1995 : Foundation of the agency
1996 : First step in the multimedia universe
1998 : First CD-ROM
1999 : First website
2000-2005 : Off and online development
2006-2009 : Inter/Intra/Extra development
2010-2014 : Mobility, E-reputation, Visibility
2015-2018 : Data, IOT, robotization

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